Specialty by Candice

Textured Hair Services

Coloring Services

Haircuts, Styles & Treatments

Weaving & Extensions


-Virgin or All Over Application $120   (2 Bowls)

-Retouch $85

(Up to 2 Inches of Growth,1 Bowl)

-Short Hair $65

(All Over/ Retouch,1 Bowl)

-Walk Around, Partial, or Clipper Cut "Touch Up"

$35 (1 Bowl)




-Press Only $85

-Press & Deep Condition $100

-Press & Trim $125

-Press, Deep Condition, Trim $145


Kids Press: (10 & Under)

-Press Only $45

-Press & Deep Condition $85

-Press & Trim $70

-Press, Deep Condition, Trim $100



Brazilian Blow-Out:

- Virgin Application $350 (Comp.Shamp/Condish & 1 Styler)

- Retouch Application $275 

(Comp. Split End Mender Treatment)

-Short Hair, Fine or Thin Hair Textures $195

(Comp. Volume Shamp/Condish & 1 Styler)


-All Over $250 (3 Bowls)

-Partial $150 (2 Bowls)

-T-Section $75 (Up to 15 Foils,1 Bowl)

-Fringe/Intro to Foils $50 (Up to 5 Foils,1 Bowl)

*Toner & Bonder Included*

ADDITIONAL Bowls $15 per Bowl



Bleach & Tone/ Fashion Colors:

-Long Hair ALL OVER $150 (3 Bowls)

-Partial or Block Technique $115 (2 Bowls)

-Short Hair/ Retouch $85 

(Up to 1.5 Inches of Growth,1 Bowl)

*Bonder Included*

ADDITIONAL Bowls $15 per Bowl




-All Over $135 (2 Bowls)

-Retouch $85 (1 Bowl, Up to 1.5 Inches of Growth, Comp.Ends Refreshed)

-Demi/Grey Blending/Toner $60 (1 Bowl)

*Bonder Included*

ADDITIONAL Bowls $15 per Bowl



Color Correction: (3 Month Process) 

-1st Appointment $100 per hr, 3hr Session 

-2nd Appointment 1 Month After $100 for the 1st hr, $50 per hr After, 4hr Session 

-3rd Appointment 1 Month After, Pricing Depends on what Finish Work Is Needed to Achieve to Desired Look


-Clipper Cut (Male or Female) NO STYLE $45

-Cut & Style $75

-Short Hair $65

(For Relaxed or Naturally Straight Hair Textures)


"Naturally Straight" Hair Textures w/ Slight...

POOF, Puff, WAVE, or Curl $95

(Comp. Round Brush, Curls or Flat Iron)



Styles Only: $60 

(For Relaxed, Naturally Straight, or Little to Slight Puff, WAVE, POOF, or Curl)

-Round Brush 

-Roller Set

-Roller Wrap


-Mold/Finger Waves & Set

-Flat Iron/ Iron Curls




-Structure Repair $60

-Re Balance $65


-Weave Take Down $50 (Invante's Work), $80 (Other's Work)

*Duration 30-45mins* 

ADDITIONAL $30 per 30mins After!



(Weaves/Extension Should Be In No More Than 10 Weeks or 2.5 Months! 

 Services Below DO NOT APPLY...

PLEASE Refer to 

"Take Down & Weaving Services")

 -Weave Wash $85

-Weave Maintaince/ Repair $150

*Tighten Loose Wefts

*Move Wefts or Links Up

*Re-Adjust Lace Closure 

*Reapply Adhesive to Closure 

*Replace Mico Links...etc


Services: (Comp. Shamp/Condish & Trim for Client & Removed Hair)

-FULL w/ Lace Closure $375 

(No Hair Lefted-Out At ALL)

-Traditional FULL 

(No Hair Left-Out w/ Hand Made Closure) $300

-FULL Partial $260 

(Partline & Hairline Lefted-Out)

-Traditional PARTIAL $195 

(Top-Hair & Hairline Lefted-Out)



Braidless Techniques:

-Micro-Links on ALL Partial Services $350

-Open to "Tape-Ins"


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All prices are “starting at” prices subject to change based on length, density and add-on services.
*Free consultations are advised for exact quotes & new clients to achieve your goals.*